DevOps as a Service

Perfect for... businesses that have Software as a Service (SaaS) that MUST be available 24x7 with VERY aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are under extreme pressure to keep the Fortune 100 clients satisfied.

"It's okay, Amazon is down..." Frustrated with magic cloud failures? When the so-called experts don't know what's wrong? And offer NO estimated remediation timeline? We think that's ridiculous too. Let our security architects translate your business requirements into cost sensitive solutions that meets modern-day demanding SLAs. Our designs provide a superior customer experience because we plan for the infrequent, yet unpredictable system faults. During a nebulous cloud outage, it is nearly impossible to communicate a commitment to your customers. Therefore, today's robust solutions MUST include contingency plans for the very frustrating cloud failures we experience. We give you the option not to play the cloud blame game. Be the business that works despite the ubiquitous cloud failures.

Take control! To realize these goals, our security architects partner with you to plan, design and deploy your mission critical customer facing software applications on the Internet. We validate these designs against a strict checklist of best practices to ensure nothing is missed. For the most demanding SLAs solutions MUST leverage multiple cloud providers. The most cost effective method is to use public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), combined with on-premises private cloud. Private cloud can be yours.

  • Architect Public, Hybrid, or On-Premises Cloud
  • Traditional Virtual Machines and Containers
  • Proactive Capacity Planning
  • Fault Tolerant By Design
  • Monitor and Alert In Real-Time
  • Detailed After-Action Reports
  • Immediately Diagnose And Remediate Service Failures
  • Perform Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments
  • Build Robust Business Continuity Plan

Combine our Security Services and more

Can your business afford a security exploit? Our DevOps offering includes our Vulnerability Assessment Service. This service continuously audits our deployments to eliminate any potential human oversights that result in security exploits, which are a critical business risk.

Do you have a Business Continuity plan? Our DevOps Service builds in Business Continuity so that we as a team survive catastrophic disasters. While also maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the intellectual property and critical data. To guarantee this we evaluate your risk profile and then design a diversified backup solution so that we are not dependent on any single vendor.

How do you know your applications are alive and responding? As a further check and balance, we include our near “real-time” continuous Intelligent Monitoring and Alerting services provide our security experts with the unmatched ability in the industry to respond immediately to service outages as they occur. We encourage our clients to participate in this alerting.

Too old for a report card? We don't think so. To bring it all together, Pier64 provides a comprehensive monthly report card that includes an executive summary, detailed SLAs, root cause analysis of outage events, system patch statuses, key events, vulnerabilities, a risk profile and remediation recommendations. All of which is presented in an easy to understand self-service dashboard.