Secure IT Managed Solution

Optimize your IT infrastructure 

Whether you need us to optimize your cloud IT environment, maximize control of your co-located IT environments, or leverage the strengths of your hybrid IT environments, we provide a full range of IT infrastructure management options that are designed to help you and your organization regardless of their size and scope. 

From start-up businesses to established organizations, Pier64 IT Security can optimize your public or private cloud solution. Our security experts can help you leverage the strength of scalability and cost efficiency with on-demand asset allocation as we evaluate and design hardware configurations to maximize your service performance, while defining the authorized personnel who can physically access your network assets.

Firewall Services

Secure your Internet service

Our systems are proven commodities when it comes to security, insuring that performance will not be compromised; whether the threats come from dynamic cloud environments, within internal segments, or physical and virtual data centers. 

If there was a rule that allowed the data to pass for a specific set of characteristics, then the two computers would communicate and the data would be transferred. While this strategy worked well in the beginning of peer-to-peer data transferring, over time, those who created malicious software, developed tools to work around these basic features. And each time a solution was found, the malevolent software became more and more invasive, forcing companies to create firewalls, protecting their private networks from outside sources.

Today, the overwhelming majority of companies connected to the Internet have a firewall in place. However, despite the precautions thousands experience losses due to a variety of malicious attacks from outside their networks each year.

The odds are if your firewall technology is older than two to three years, it is most likely that it is incapable of stopping most of the latest malware threats.

Security Scanning & Compliance Services

Understand your exposures and validate compliance

They say knowledge is power and if your data has been compromised, it makes the bad guys that much stronger.

Is your company’s IT system vulnerable to attacks by malicious outsiders? Could invisible threats be present that will damage your data security? 

Our team of experts run a myriad of cutting-edge digital security tools on your IT system, seeking to find any and all security gaps. By methodically conducting a complete security san, we will be able to assess the risk to your systems from any external threat.

At Pier64 IT Security we have the vulnerability scanning know-how to select and regulate the best tools for your unique industry and IT system. We utilize only top grade professional vulnerability scanning software with the most up-to-date data security information available – capable of identifying out-of-date security patches and other system vulnerabilities, uncovering security gaps and potential breaches.

Our security scanning experts will work directly with your IT department to coordinate a vulnerability scanning schedule that won’t disrupt any of your company’s systems, services or workflow.

Once the vulnerability scanning is performed and complete, our team will analyze the results, applying our expert perspective to the data and provide a list of prioritized, actionable recommendations to improve your IT security and your reduce risk of compromise.

Intelligent Monitoring & Alerting

Know your systems and services are running

Continuous monitoring and alerting is a critical part of managing your systems and services to insure they are up and running at all times.
Pier64 IT Security’s intelligent monitoring is designed to eliminate false positives while providing a continuous diagnostic process of your systems and services. 

Pier64 IT Security’s intelligent monitoring is designed to eliminate false positives while providing a continuous diagnostic process of your systems and services. Engineered to be efficient and effective, unlike other services that delay or back date their alerts to you, we provide minute-to-minute notification, which is as close to having real time monitoring for your company as you can get. Because you will receive your alerts immediately, you will be notified before your customers are even aware there is a potential issue. If you have an e-commerce based business, this is a crucial component to your business’ success.

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