Secure IT Managed Service

Perfect for businesses that have Internet applications and / or Software as a Service (SaaS) available 24x7 with VERY aggressive SLAs that are under extreme pressure keep the Fortune 100 clients satisfied.

Not only can our security experts fully administer your cloud services, including your AWS (Amazon Web Service) Cloud Computing Services, but we can manage your co-located or on premise Linux servers, firewalls, routers, switches, databases and all other essential network assets including upgrade rollouts.

By seamlessly connecting your cloud and co-located environments, we can show you how to take advantage of the strengths of both environments. 


Leverage the power of scalability and cost efficiency with on-demand asset allocation.  From start-ups to enterprises, public and private clouds; we optimize your cloud solution.


Seamlessly connect colocated and cloud environments together and take advantage of the strengths of both environments.


Evaluate and design hardware configurations to maximize service performance. Define authorized personnel that can physically access asset.


Security experts fully manage your cloud services, linux servers, firewalls, routers, switches and other essential network assets.

Detect and Remediate

Includes our real-time intelligent scanning and security scanning services providing our experts the ability to respond immediately to security exposures and service outages to maximize availability.

 Security Architect

Securely deploy new services, proactively plan for future growth, and benefit from the latest proven technologies.


Intelligently process information from continually generating system reports, Pier64's integrity checker, monitoring alerts, vulnberatilbity scans, new security advisories, and more. Every task we perform is always validated by a second team member.

Business Continuity

Insure your data is protected in the event of a catastrophic disaste.  Evaluate your risk profile, then design diversified backup solutions that are secure and verified daily.


Receive a monthly comprehensive report that provides an executive summary in addition to detailed uptime statistics, root cause analysis of outages events, system patch status, vulnerabilities and risk profile, key events, and recommendations.

Of course no Secure IT Managed Service would be complete without being able to provide end-to-end enterprise IT security solutions.

By deploying new services through our security architecture, we can help you proactively plan for your future growth while benefitting today from the latest technological advances in the IT industry. Our near “real-time” continuous Intelligent Monitoring and Alerting services provide our security experts with the unmatched ability in the industry to respond immediately to potential exposures and service outages as they occur.

Our Secure IT Managed Service insures that your data is protected and the continuity of your business continues in the event of a catastrophic disaster. To guarantee this we evaluate your risk profile then design a diversified backup solution for you that is secured and verified daily.

As part of our service, Pier64 provides a comprehensive monthly report that includes an executive summary, detailed uptime statistics, root cause analysis of outage events, system patch statuses, key events, vulnerabilities, a risk profile and recommendations. Then, to intelligently process the information from all these reports, our integrity checker, monitoring alerts, vulnerability scans, new security advisories, etc., we audit our work as insure every task we perform is validated by a backup team member.

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