Intelligent Monitoring and Alerting

Built to scan all of your business assets in an unobtrusive manner that avoids a Denial of Service (DOS) message to your customers, our continuous monitoring and alerting service is not just limited to cloud based systems. Regardless of where your systems or servers are located, either housed remotely or on your premises, as long as they have an IP address, we can monitor them uninterruptedly.

Whether Pier64 IT Security is continuously monitoring your mail services, mail flow, Web services, directory services, MySQL and/or PostgreSQL databases, firewall devices, switches, servers or any combination thereof, because we do so 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year, including Christmas and New Year, you will always know where you and most importantly, your business assets stand.


Designed to eliminate false positives efficiently while preserving the immediacy of notification, unlike other services who delay or back date their alerts to attempt to accomplish the same thing.


Monitor mail services, mail flow, web services, directory services, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, firewall devices, switches, and servers 24/7 so you always know where you stand.


Architected to scan business assets and services in a manner that does not create Denial of Service (DOS) condition.


Each scan can have its own customized alerting levels. System administrators can be alert immediately to system outages; whereas managers can be alerted if an outage persists for an extended period of time.


Receive alerts immediately so you can now react to incidents before your customers even know there is a problem.


A detailed report highlighting uptime statistics,  complete listing of outage events and the number of alerts sent for all scanned assets and services.

Our intelligent monitoring service would not be complete without a detailed reporting element. Our reports highlight uptime statistics and provide a complete listing of outage events and the number of alerts that were sent to you for all scanned business assets and services.

Learn today how Pier64 IT Security can help put your company at ease with our continuous monitoring and alerting service.

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