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Pier64 is a company that defines itself by a set of core values that has helped shape how we do business and evolve our services. They are at the root of everything we do as a company and have been the cornerstone behind successfully building longstanding relationships with our clientele. Born from our passions, motivations and a sense of community, we continually seek perfection in all that we do, driving us to constantly grow, adapt and innovate. We bring this level of energy and drive to every solution we design for our clients. By taking the time to understand our client’s vision and goals, we architect robust solutions that not only remediate their current challenges, but are essential with helping them strategize more effectively and make better business growth decisions.

How We Work

We adhere to industry standard methodologies like SDLC and CIA when complying with security best practices and developing solutions for our clientele.  By doing so, it enables Pier64 to build highly functional and sustainable solutions.  We adapt these methodologies to set the framework for developing unique standards documents and processes for our clients as well.  It has been a very successful model that brings new levels of efficiency to businesses.


Requirements - Begin by understanding the client’s vision and business goals.

Analyze - Assess the existing infrastructure to determine the gaps..

Design - Collaborating with the client, we architect the solution making sure that all requirements are met.

Implement - Once the client approves of the solution design, we extensively vet the solution in a stage environment before putting it into production.

Test - After the solution is in production, we continuously test and monitor it.

Refine - At this stage in the cycle, we make any adjustments, and review the deliverable to make sure we have met the ROI.

CIA Triad

The CIA Triad model is the industry standard for information security. It was developed to measure and evaluate the security of information in three distinct areas; confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Confidentiality - Who should have access to as well as determine the sensitivity level of the data.

Integrity - How the data should be transmitted and stored to avoid unauthorized modification or destruction.

Availability - Accessibility of the data itself.

The challenge most businesses face is how to apply this model to create a balanced security plan.  Pier64 possesses the expertise from decades of experience designing and implementing security policies using the CIA Triad model.  We work with our clients find the right mix between the three.

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